Milk carton shortage affecting school food services

A Message from Food Services

As you may have heard, there is a national shortage of small milk cartons that is affecting school food services across the country. Please note: there is not a shortage of milk; this is a shortage of the cartons that the milk is packaged and distributed in.

We continue to learn more about how this may affect our milk supply for our school cafeterias. We have a supply of fresh and shelf-stable milk that will last at least through the week of Nov. 13, and we continue to work closely with our milk supplier and other partners on alternate options that meet USDA standards for school meals.

We already have ample access to drinking water during meal times, and will continue to do so. We encourage students to bring a refillable water bottle, and we will supply cups for students to fill at fountains or water bottle fillers as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Food Services at 360-676-6504.