Quick Facts about School Levies

Like all other school districts in Whatcom County and many across our state, we rely on levies to provide essential funding for programs not fully funded by the state. We have an operations and technology levy on the upcoming special election ballot on Feb. 13, 2024. These levies would replace two voter-approved levies from 2020 that will expire soon. As a reminder to voters, we use the easy-to-remember adage “bonds are for building and levies are for learning.” These replacement levies pay for nearly 25 percent of the cost of educational services not adequately funded by the state.

Operations Levy

Our upcoming replacement operations levy supports teaching and learning:

  • Pays for teachers, counselors, nurses and other staff 
  • Lowers class size 
  • Funds other basic operations and programs such as safety, Special Education, Multilingual Learners and Highly Capable
  • Provides arts, music, athletics and other programs for the whole child 
  • Supports food services/wellness
  • Supports field trips and Project Free Education 
  • Preventative maintenance in schools

Technology Levy

The replacement technology levy pays for:

  • School safety enhancements: security cameras, door locking systems
  • School wired/wireless networks
  • Adaptive technologies and devices for children with special needs
  • Computers, software, and digital curriculum licensing
  • 1:1 (one-to-one) technology initiative to support learning and prepare students for the future
  • Staff who implement and integrate technology
  • Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and Career and Technical Education (CTE) support 
  • Teaching students about online safety, responsibility and digital citizenship

What is the $ impact?

If approved, the replacement operations levy increases by $2 million each year and the replacement technology levy increases by $1 million each year. (Roughly 5%)

While the amount of the levy increases slightly, the total tax rate is estimated to decrease over the life of the four-year levy as shown below. These rates reflect the 2024 levies being proposed and bonds approved in past elections.

Our district’s levies are for a fixed amount, so even if your assessed value increases, the amount the district receives does not increase

2021 Actual: $3.48
2022 Actual: $3.45
2023 Actual: $3.19
2024: $2.94
2025: $2.90
2026: $2.64
2027: $2.65
2028: $2.68

*Estimated total school district combined bond and levy rate per $1,000 assessed value. The rates are estimates based upon data from the Whatcom County Assessor’s Office.

How much we collect per year for replacement operations levy: (estimates)

2025: $37 million

2026: $39 million

2027: $41 million

2028: $43 million

How much we collect per year for replacement technology levy: (estimates)

2025: $19 million

2026: $20 million

2027: $21 million

2028: $22 million

How can I vote?

Members of the public are encouraged to vote. In January 2024, voters will receive the ballot for the two school levies in the mail. The envelope should be returned and postmarked by Feb. 13, 2024, no stamp needed.

Senior Citizens Exemption Information

Qualifying senior citizens and persons with disabilities may be exempt from paying school levies. For more information, please call the County Assessor’s office at (360) 778-5050 or visit: